“Be the Light.”  That is a message I convey to all social workers involved in any and every aspect of social work.  This is a message that should be conveyed to all of humanity.  Being the light can be defined and understood by many different entities.  For our purpose as social workers, being the light is interpreted and conveyed as giving hope, love, reassurance, promise and grace.  Everyone on earth need others to be their light, all of humanity depends on the moon disappearing, the darkness lifting and the sun rising.  In our darkest days, we depend and wait on the light to appear and show us the path to take.  The Donna K. Evans Foundation is a light that shines on for women who have unselfishly placed their baby for adoption and may be in place of darkness; they need us and you.

When a foundation opens its door to spread their mission, assist their targeted population and increase their troop of supporters, there can be a misunderstanding.  People lead busy lives; they have their own families, their finances, their individual hopes, dreams and daily responsibilities and additional commitments can feel overwhelming.  Donations, volunteering, or even supporting can make an unbelievable difference.  The daunting feeling of what someone may be committing to when agreeing to assist in the support of a foundation should be converted to; how can I help can assist those who believe in the mission of a foundation to come forward. 

Those who have been touched by adoption understand the sacrifice of the birth mother and the gift of a new life for the adoptive parents.  A birth mother’s sacrifice comes at a steep emotional toll; placing a baby for adoption is never an easy decision and can be a long road during the pregnancy and after.  As social workers we reassure our clients that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, but what we need to really believe and instill in humanity is there is not only light at the end of the tunnel, but light can shine though out the tunnel as well.  An adoptive journey can be full of light and can continue to remain bright afterwards as well. 

Adoption aftercare programs are not the standard level of care, but they should be.  Women instinctively put their children before themselves, so after they have chosen for their baby to have a better life, they sometimes remain in the dark wake of their decision, alone without their baby.  They need to have continued light in their moments of darkness, they need to see the community believe in their adoption decision and support their adoption choice and most importantly they need to learn how to improve their own life to break whatever cycle they may or not be in.  As an agency, we help women after they place their baby for adoption, but cannot do our work alone; we need you, the community, and believers in adoption to stand and be the light throughout the tunnel and not just at the end.  Most importantly, our light needs to shine and shine brightly so other women can see hope, love, support and promise.  Remember the light is still shining even when we can’t see it.

Be the Light.