These times are so uncertain for everyone, chartering into this unknown season can generate fear, anxiety and a myriad of feelings.  Stories on the news show people stockpiling toilet paper, paper towels and basic necessities, numbers of confirmed cases rising, death tolls rising, comparison graphs of other countries and their wins and losses against Covert-19.  The struggle between wanting to turn on the tv, check the news or recheck the latest data can become almost an obsession; one that seems to bring nothing at this time but more fear, despair and feelings of hopelessness.  However, know that it doesn’t have too. Faith, strength and hope can still triumph and this is how.

Life is what you make of it, lemons still make lemonade, sunshine in the rain still produces rainbows and best of all babies are still being born.  Beautiful babies are being born to women who in the midst of so much uncertainty are choosing adoption because they believe in hope, promise and tomorrow.  A tomorrow where their baby can have the life that they have always wanted their child to have.  Birth mothers during these turbulent times still need our support, our faith and our strength.  Right now with so much fear, we cannot stop reciprocating our appreciation to these brave women.


Remember, faith over fear.

An adoption choice is never easy which is why the Donna K. Evans Foundation needs you more than ever.  We need your donations of gift cards, GED Study Guides, car seats, and non-perishable foods.  Please help us show these women how much we appreciate them, how much you appreciate them.  Our birth mothers are just as concerned about the Coronavirus as the rest of us are, but they have had to make an adoption choice.  Please help us help them, we need you, they need you.   Visit our website at of goods and services are always welcome to support the women in our program and empower them towards brighter futures. This program is strictly non-profit and solely supported by the generous donations received. We thank you for supporting the SWAP program; your donations are letting women know they matter!



The following are donations always on our wish list and can be purchased/shipped directly to the DKE office for your convenience (8433 N. Black Canyon Highway Building 6, Suite 158, Phoenix, AZ 85021):

  • Money (check, money order or PayPal)
  • Non-perishable food, grocery gift cards
  • Fast food cards (SubwayPanera, Dominos, or other fast food restaurants)
  • Hotel Stay vouchers (one night)
  • Clothing and clothing store gift cards (Kohl’s, JCPenney, etc.)
  • Hygiene and personal items
  • Diapers, Car Seats (convertible & booster seats)
  • Office supplies/gift cards for office supplies (printer ink, paper, pens, etc.)
  • Toys (new for Christmas)
  • Books
  • GED Study Guides
  • One day bus passes
  • Prepaid cell phone minutes (Verizon, Boost, T-Mobile, etc.)


We at the DKE Foundation and on behalf of all of the birth mothers we work with are so grateful for you and your donations.