It’s that time of year, where holidays are around the corner and people are looking to find a place to give back and donate.  Look no further, you found your place.  While the Donna K. Evans Foundation spearheads its resolve to assist women who have privately placed their baby for adoption, it has a global family effect.  When we help a mother, we in turn help her other children.  Regardless of whether those children are in her home or in the current care of the State.  Assisting a mother in recovering from grief and trying to get back on her feet to be the woman, mother, daughter, sister, wife, employee, student, etc., she wants to be, does and will always have a global effect.


For those of you who don’t understand, it is simply the “trickle down” effect.  When a mother can’t put her own life mask on, she can’t help her child.  She needs to find her spirit believe in herself.  The normal process of questioning whether or not she made the right choice when she chose adoption is part of the aftercare grieving cycle, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t need help.  These women that bravely chose adoption to make sure their babies would have the beautiful life that they themselves cannot currently provide is selfless and strong.  These women are warriors and need armor for battle.  As an adoption community and society, we need to equip them properly with counseling, education, clothing, job referrals, and more.  The only way that we can make this happen is with your help.

Don’t let this Holiday Season pass and this year end without giving back to those less fortunate.  Don’t forget about the other children they have at home that they still need to parent or the children that they are trying to be reunited with through the state.  Remember those commercials where Sarah McLaughlin is singing and there are photos of sad, sick and abuse dogs?  Remember how when that commercial comes on it is easier to change the channel than to watch it and feel the guilt and condemnation for not donating?  The women we are talking about are the ones standing on the street corner with a sign, the ones who walk all night long and have nowhere to go, the ones who will do anything so their family can remain together.

My birth mother was one of these women.  She went without adoption aftercare services and it had both a global and a ripple effect on my biological brothers.  She never processed her grief over her adoption choice, she never was able to stand proudly on her own two feet and she was never able to combat the depression, grief and anxiety.  The outcome was the unstable home life that my brothers experienced during their childhood.  She loved my brothers with her whole heart and soul but couldn’t stand on her own two feet and went on to her fourth marriage, supported by social security, had not completed a 10th grade education and could not sustain employment.  She was an amazing mother, but her internal struggle was evidenced by her short life.  Don’t let what happened to my mother happen to anyone else.


One person can make a difference in another person’s life.  Your donation is needed, we can’t fight this fight alone.  We need to show women that can’t parent their child, for whatever reason that there is the better option of adoption.  During and after adoption there is assistance, education, and can be life change.  We can help her obtain her GED, obtain employment, long term housing, provide counseling, and so much more.  By helping one woman, we are helping future generations.  Make a difference, help society believe women matter.


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