Yes, you read that correctly.  We are building a foundation for women who have privately placed a child for adoption, one that they can learn to rebuild their lives upon.

Isaiah Oliver


A foundation is only as strong as its supporters.  We need supporters like this young man, who believes in our cause at the Donna K. Evans Foundation. Isaiah Oliver is an American football cornerback for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League. He played college football at Colorado, and was drafted by the Falcons in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Isaiah visited the Donna K. Evans Foundation office and proudly took a picture showing his support for each and every woman that has made the loving choice of adoption. All of us at the Donna K. Evans Foundation appreciate his generous donation.

Sacrifice on one’s behalf should inspire and incentivize sacrifice in others.  “Paying It Forward” is something we as a society have all tried to do at one time or another, but sponsorship, sacrifice and dedication long-term is what makes change sustain.  No one wants to see a short-time change, we all want to invest and pour ourselves into a cause that exemplifies true, permanent life change.  Campaigns and movements are only followed when change can be substantiated and believed in.  Supporting a cause is taking a stand and donating time, resources and spreading the word. That’s how you build a foundation. Take our hand and help us support the women who need our support.





Support women through the Donna K. Evans Foundation.  The time is now!