At Building Arizona Families and the Donna K Evans Foundation, we believe that courageous women who choose adoption deserve their own hashtag!  As co-founder of Building Arizona Families Adoption Agency and the Donna K. Evans Foundation, I always tell birth mothers to be proud that they chose life, proud of their courageous sacrifice, and to stand strong in their belief that choosing life is the best choice.  We launched the #YouBeforeMe Campaign in an effort to show our support for birth mothers that we believe in their choice, and that we stand with them against abortion.   The hashtag #YouBeforeMe is a way a birth mother can proudly own the choice of adoption to protect the life of her baby.   Abortion should never be a choice, as it robs the unborn child of any choices and Building Arizona Families is here to offer an alternative to adoption in Arizona.

Choosing Life Over Abortion is Where Everyone Wins

As state legislators battle over future adoption laws and, the subject of unplanned pregnancy has become a main story on the news, social media, during dinner table conversations, and wherever else people congregate.  

The Donna K. Evans Foundation was developed to focus on the needs, wants and desires of a birth mother after placement.  The opportunity afforded by the DKE Foundation enables a woman to choose a path for her life with support, assistance and resources.

To support a woman’s choice is to support her, during the pregnancy and after.  Choosing adoption is a choice that needs to be celebrated by society, to be accepted by family and to be viewed as a heroic choice.  An educated understanding of adoption by society will assist in the empowerment of birth mothers.  Support, both emotional and financial, will assist women in choosing life.

A greater understanding of why women choose abortion over adoption can educate society on what needs to change.  As along as abortion is legal, accepted and rationalized, adoption will remain in competition.  Adoption will forever represent life and for the preservation of life, society needs to change its viewpoint. 

Save the Little Ones

Be bold, stand up for those that can’t.  Remember that in Latin, the word “fetus” means “little one.” 

Supporting women through the Donna K. Evans Foundation is taking a stand.  The time is now.