Foundations like the Donna K. Evans Foundation need volunteers more than people may think.  The selfless act of volunteering is as valuable as a monetary donation and in some instances, even more valuable.  When people volunteer their time, a foundation’s clients can benefit from that person’s knowledge, special skill set or the time allowance it gives a paid employee to dedicate to a specific individual or project. 

Volunteering not only benefits the foundation, it benefits the volunteer as well.  Volunteering can further your career; you can learn aspects of a field that you may not have had much knowledge in prior, it shows compassion and dedication on your resume, and it can help you fine tune or practice your valuable skills.  Volunteering is actually good for you; it can lower your stress levels, alter negative focus and lift your spirit.  Volunteering can introduce new career colleagues, help you make new friends, and assist you in meeting people with special skill sets.  Volunteering can give your life a purpose and it is fun!

The Donna K. Evans Foundation has a mission of helping women after placing a baby for private adoption. Our goal is to provide women a safe place to return for help to reach their own life goals and dreams after private placement of their baby for adoption. Any woman who has placed a baby for adoption, regardless of the agency used for their adoption may utilize our services, at any time after the adoptive placement.

Often times people have the heart to volunteer, the desire to make a difference, and the time to donate but they don’t know where to volunteer, who to call and how to begin. I will tell you how you can help. We need you!  This is how you can volunteer for the Donna K. Evans Foundation:

Call or Email Maura Celaya, DKE’s Volunteer Coordinator.  Her contact information is:

We have all kinds of volunteer opportunities at the Donna K. Evans Foundation, some include:

  • Teaching a 60-90 minute one time class to our clients
  • Helping Recruit Donations
  • Assisting with Scheduling Classes
  • Mailing Fliers
  • Distributing Literature
  • Volunteering your Professional Service: Legal Aide, Counseling, Financial Management
  • And so much more!!!

Here are some answers to the most common questions:

  • Can I volunteer from home:

Yes!  We have lots of things you can do.

  • I only have a few hours a week, is that worth it.

Absolutely!  Every hour matters!

  • I don’t really have any special skills and I don’t know what I could offer?

Trust me, we have a place for you and we would love to have you volunteer!

  • Do you need volunteers all year or just during the Holiday Season?

All year!

  • Is this a big time commitment?

No, you determine your schedule and availability.

Call or email today:

Maura Celaya, DKE’s Volunteer Coordinator at Cell: (480) 392-0146 or Office: (602) 595-8592

If you can’t volunteer and would like to make a difference, we need the following are donations and can be purchased/shipped directly to theDKE office for your convenience:

DKE Foundation

8433 N. Black Canyon Highway Building 6, Suite 158,

Phoenix, AZ 85021

  • Money (check, money order or PayPal)
  • Non-perishable food, grocery gift cards
  • Fast food cards (Subway, Panera, Dominos, or other fast food restaurants)
  • Hotel Stay vouchers (one night)
  • Clothing and clothing store gift cards (Kohl’s, JCPenney, etc.)
  • Hygiene and personal items
  • Diapers, Car Seats (convertible & booster seats)
  • Office supplies/gift cards for office supplies (printer ink, paper, pens, etc.)
  • Toys (new for Christmas)
  • Books
  • GED Study Guides
  • One day bus passes
  • Prepaid cell phone minutes (Verizon, Boost, T-Mobile, etc.)