Beliefs stem from global interactions, one’s upbringing, education, circumstance, modeling, and every conceivable influence.  Changing or challenging a belief upheld in society, stereotype, or prejudice can be a steep uphill battle.  It is a challenge that only a village can war.  That’s our goal at the Donna K. Evans Foundation; not just saying or believing women matter, but having society live it, breathe it, and stand behind and support it. 

Women matter for more reasons than I could possibly type into this blog; therefore our focus is on the women that choose adoption over abortion, over foster care, over negative life cycles leading to drug use, homelessness, domestic violence, and more.  Supporting a woman is supporting her generation and all the generations following.  The female instinct inherent in women is to have the genetic predisposition to protect her young, sometime at all costs.  The problem is that in some instances there is no one to protect her, to pick her up when she is down, to lend a helping hand.  That’s what the focus of the Donna K. Evans Foundation is: to focus on women who have placed a baby for adoption and need a hand up.(

Driving downtown or in a heavily populated area in many cities, you will often see a woman holding up a sign and asking for help.  I often describe many of the women we help both through Building Arizona Families Adoption Agency and the Donna K. Evans Foundation as that woman holding up a sign; both figuratively and literally.  It is hard to not to wonder about her story, thinking that she is someone’s daughter, sister, mother, friend and why she has reached the point of panhandling.  Then dealing with the personal condemnation of driving away without buying her lunch, handing her whatever cash you have in your purse at that time or trying to help. 

The time to act is now.  Let us help change the way the woman on the street corner is viewed.  Allow us to assist women who have made the choice of adoption over abortion and give them a new chance at life.  With the news buzzing about abortion and state laws changing in opposite directions; you have the power to take a stand for women who make the right choice and choose life.  The female instinct to protect her young is strong and adoption is a choice that can be extremely difficult to make, but may be in a position with few to no other options.  Adoption does not negate her female instinct to protect her young, it actually accentuates it, which is why she will painstakingly choose the perfect adoptive family, create a detailed adoption plan and collaborate with the adoptive family on post adoption communication.   Many women who choose adoption for their unborn baby have other children at home, who need her to be the best she can be.  Judgement, condemnation, prejudice and criticism does not help the postnatal mother, but adoption aftercare services do.

One person can make a difference in another person’s life.  Your donation is needed, we can’t fight this fight alone.  We need to show women that can’t parent their child, for whatever reason that there is the better option of adoption.  During and after adoption there is assistance, education, and can be life change.  We can help her obtain her GED, obtain employment, long term housing, provide counseling, and so much more.  By helping one woman, we are helping future generations.  Make a difference, help society believe women matter.

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