Program Overview

Clients Serviced

The clients being assisted in the Donna K. Evans Program are women who have placed a baby privately for adoption, regardless of whether they placed their baby through Building Arizona Families Adoption Agency. After placing their baby for adoption, the Donna K. Evans Foundation is there to continue to provide support, education, and counseling, resources amongst other valuable services to help these women reinvent themselves and positively change the course of their lives, so they too can live the life they have dreamed of. In the course of history, too many women have placed a baby for adoption and afterwards returned to being homeless, abusing substances and facing a variety of lifestyle choices that have taken on a cyclical pattern. Our goals range from assisting women in breaking negative life cycles to furthering their education to obtaining employment and the list is never-ending.

Many of our birth mothers are in vulnerable places in their lives and are facing:

  • Chronic homelessness
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Mental health issues
  • Domestic violence, trauma & abuse
  • Experience Chronic food insecurity
  • The adoption is a beautiful and loving gift, yet is bittersweet. Birth mothers experience a blend of complicated and complex emotions including:
    • Grief
    • Loss
    • Guilt/Shame
    • Identity issues
    • Trust issues
    • Rejection
    • Loss of control over their lives

Adoption Aftercare Services Provided

  • Birth Mother Case Management
  • Birthmother Support Group
  • Mentoring and Peer Support
  • Emotional support
  • Housing and shelter referrals and resources
  • Emergency Housing Assistance
  • Emergency food bags
  • Resources for Domestic Violence Assistance Medical/Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse Resources
  • Classes & Workshops
  • Access to computer stations for housing, career, and educational needs when available.
  • Resources for assistance with academic and career training admissions and scholarships process.
  • Transportation resources
  • Job search resources and assistance
  • Assistance with clothing and attire from the clothing closet on site.
  • Referral to local social service resources and support
  • Mailboxes for delivery of personal items for social services and job-related needs
  • Judgment free/ stigma free environment
  • Providing services for basic needs; food, housing, and jobs.
  • Substance abuse recovery and mental health resource referrals and support
  • Education and career training
  • Support group with birth mothers for vital peer support and empathy
  • 1:1 case management for support, guidance, and empowerment
  • Coordination with other case management providers
  • Computer usage location
  • Non-Perishable food pantry
  • Referral resource center
  • Continuity of care
  • Birth control referral assistance
  • Assistance with local state resources
  • Financial rebuilding assistance

The Donna K. Evans Foundation is a proud partner of Building Arizona Families

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