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A Foundation Is Only As Strong As Its Foundation…..

Yes, you read that correctly.  We are building a foundation for women who have privately placed a child for adoption, one that they can learn to rebuild their lives upon.   A foundation is only as strong as its supporters.  We need supporters like this young man,...

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#YouBeforeMe – Adoption Matters

#YouBeforeMe – Adoption Matters

At Building Arizona Families and the Donna K Evans Foundation, we believe that courageous women who choose adoption deserve their own hashtag!  As co-founder of Building Arizona Families Adoption Agency and the Donna K. Evans Foundation, I always tell birth mothers to...

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Against All Odds: Learning to Live Again

Michael Scarry Our clients at the Donna K. Evans Foundation, are facing numerous internal and external battles; ranging from current drug use and relapse, probation and parole, mental health issues, re-acclimating into society, education deficits, unemployment,...

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A Light Doesn’t Always Have to Be at the End of the Tunnel

“Be the Light.”  That is a message I convey to all social workers involved in any and every aspect of social work.  This is a message that should be conveyed to all of humanity.  Being the light can be defined and understood by many different entities.  For our...

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Remembering The Woman Behind The Name

Donna K. Evans My husband and I started the foundation because we believe in hope, promise and sacrifice.  Working with pregnant women who choose adoption, knowing the emotional journey they are choosing and the future opportunities their unborn child will have...

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Why Volunteers Matter & Where Are You?

Why Volunteers Matter & Where Are You?

Foundations like the Donna K. Evans Foundation need volunteers more than people may think.  The selfless act of volunteering is as valuable as a monetary donation and in some instances, even more valuable.  When people volunteer their time, a foundation’s clients can...

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Generational Change; One by One

Beliefs stem from global interactions, one’s upbringing, education, circumstance, modeling, and every conceivable influence.  Changing or challenging a belief upheld in society, stereotype, or prejudice can be a steep uphill battle.  It is a challenge that...

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This program is strictly non-profit. We receive funds to support this amazing program on donations. Please feel free to make a donation to help support this program and let women know they matter. We always accept the following donations:

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