Over the past seven months, the vast majority of us have had to make significant changes in our lives; maybe working from home, working from home with kids doing online learning at home with you, ordering groceries rather than going to the grocery store, wearing a mask when outside your home, limiting exposure to other people outside your immediate household, having your employment put on hold, and the list goes on and on.  Here is one thing I hold to be true; life goes on and so does the work we do at the Donna K. Evans Foundation.  COVID-19 Pandemic or no COVID-19 Pandemic, women are choosing to place their babies for adoption, to give them a life that they themselves cannot provide.  We have had women coming into our agency, Building Arizona Families, with the same vigor and hope that they had before COVID-19.  These brave women are not letting COVID-19 get in the way of the plan, the hopes and the dreams they have for their unborn babies, and neither should you.


We need as an adoption community, a nation and a belief that not only do these unborn babies’ lives matter, but those lives of their selfless mothers do as well.  Help us, help them understand that we support them after their baby is born and that we want them to succeed, to thrive and to reach their own goals and aspirations.  If the COVID-19 Pandemic doesn’t stop adoption, then it shouldn’t stop the designated birth mother after-care program either.  This is where we need you!  We need you to spread the word of adoption, the word of adoption aftercare and the importance of life.


What can you do?  We have a list:

  • You can distribute our literature to local businesses
  • Donate maternity clothing or interview clothing
  • Donate fast food, grocery gift or Uber / Lyft gift cards
  • Donate new convertible car seats or booster car seats
  • Donate financially


Whatever you choose, we appreciate you and the women who have benefitted and will benefit from the Donna K. Evans Program thank you.


At the Donna K. Evans Foundation, our number one goal is to make women believe that they matter, their adoption choice matters and that negative life cycles can stop.  We believe in the power of hope, promise and the will to succeed.  As a community of adoption supporters, it is critical to support life and the power of it.  Being a believer in life does not have to stop at the birth of a baby but continues through the life of the birth mother.

Find out more about the Donna K. Evans Foundation at www.dkefoundation.com.