One of my previous employees stated something to me I have never forgotten… she was leaving us to start a different career path and she said “Everything happens for a reason and maybe I have given all I have to offer. The longer I stay, the longer you have to wait and see what my successor has to offer.” Those words have stayed with me and over time, I have watched employees come and go, along with an incredible group of employees that I believe would stand next to me as the Titanic sank. Sometimes our clients will ask why the employee is leaving and that they really had a connection. I remind the clients what I learned, you don’t know who is coming in if the door isn’t open.

The DKE Program is grass roots to the truest form and closest definition. We are taking a model and adapting it to the undeniable needs of women who have placed a baby for adoption. There are learning curves, growth spurts, rewards and challenges as we navigate these unchartered waters. I maintain that as we pioneer through our endeavor, we will continue to share our knowledge, mission and model of the DKE Foundation until it is the new standard level of care for all adoption entities. Growth initiates change and change produces new outcomes.

Remembering the initial need for the DKE Program makes me wish we had begun sooner, but the door hadn’t opened. We didn’t want to be just a local adoption center who worked with a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. We also don’t just specialize in newborn adoption or just adoption in Arizona. We always been more than that. We have educated birth mothers, adoptive families, and society the appropriate language of a birth mother “places a baby for adoption” she does not “give up a baby for adoption”, nor is she “putting up a baby for adoption.” We have coached, modeled, promoted and celebrated all aspects of adoption. The DKE program is just a further expansion of our efforts.

We are growing, learning and changing. I am so excited about two new DKE employees! They have come to us because of their belief in the need a value of aftercare services. These new employees have a heart for women and want to be the ones to watch our clients experience their own growth, success, and be a part of their journey. They have so much to offer!

Donna K. Evans Foundation Case Manager & Coordinator – Syble Simms

My name is Syble Simms and I grew up in Oregon and moved to the Phoenix area in 1995. I have three children and one step daughter. My children are all grown up and my baby will turn 18 this year.  I graduated with a degree in social work from the University of Oregon and immediately went into the area of child welfare spending many years working for a state agency. I have my own story of adoption which added to my excitement and motivation to work with woman who are giving the most amazing and selfless gift.  I believe that my faith journey has lead me to BAF and DKE foundation to share my story with people who will benefit and be blessed.

Donna K. Evans Foundation Office Staff – Maura Celaya

My name is Maura Celaya and I am an Arizona native, both born and raised here.  I’m very excited to start my journey at the Donna K. Evans Foundation.  I am also very eager to see the program grow and prosper. I have over 25 years of customer service experience. Cooking is a true passion of mine and one of my favorite dishes is potato tacos. I am also a mother of four, 3 boys and 1 girl!   Two of my sons have blessed me with 3 beautiful glam babies whom will call me Glama!

Please join us in welcoming them to the DKE Foundation. We will get the pleasure of learning all about their skills, traits and specialized experiences. Our DKE clients will be able to bond, learn and continue their journey with these new additions to our program! Feel free to stop by and say “Hello” at our next Open House!

~Kelly Rourke-Scarry